How often do I need to get my haircut?
Average time between haircuts to maintain your current style would be 4 weeks if it is very short, six for medium and 8 weeks for most other styles. Reason being once the hair grows a 1/2 inch or more, it starts to loose the shape cut into the style.

What is the difference between semi and permanent hair-color?
Semi is deposit only; you can change tone, cover gray or darken. Permanent hair color can do all that and lighten your color. Permanent hair color is what works best to cover over 20% gray hair.

What is the difference between a razor and a scissor cut?
A scissor cuts the hair very bluntly for a very defined line, as in the classic "bob cut". It also provides a heavy volume line if desired. A razor cutting tool will provide a very "textured", tapered line resulting in slightly different lengths in the hair ends. This  can also provide fullness, but with a much lighter, softer, airy  feel  and look to the resulting hairline. Soft, airy texture can also be put into the hair with scissors using specialized techniques used by your stylist.

What is different about "Box" hair color bought in the drugstore
and the hair color used in a salon for professional color?

What is used in the salon is for professional use only. The colorist has been trained in product formulation and techniques for that particular hair color. Professional colors are are very high quality and the developers are very different from what you are allowed to purchase over the counter. Our colors  have more "oomph' and deeper pigments and a huge variety of choice, besides, each formulation is yours, alone, customized to your hair and what you want to achieve for your tone, depth and dimensions. The major difference we notice in home color, is the hair's condition. It seems to be very much inferior compared to how the hair's condition is with the colors we use in the salon. It's not to say box color is a bad thing, but I have a hard time saying it is good for your hair. Many clients hair is tough enough to be able to use it, but you really need to compensate for the damage done by using high quality hair products. Box color also seems to fade very quickly compared to salon quality colors.

What causes the most damage to my skin? 
The sun is responsible for 90%- 98% of aging, causing wrinkles, lines, hyper-pigmentation ("age spots") and loss of natural moisture and elasticity. Letting your skin get overly dry also causes lines and wrinkles.

I have sensitive skin, will a facial cause breakouts?
No, a facial will be performed for sensitive skin; any underlying debris that may be seen has been brought to the surface and cleansed away.

What can a facial do for me?
It is deep cleansing, flushing out your pores, results- smaller pores!
It is exfoliating by removing dead skin cells, results- smoother skin!
It will even out your skin tones, results- gives skin a clean & fresh appearance!
It will balance your natural moisture level, results- softer, supple skin.

What is the best way to store my nail polish?
Anywhere in a dark, dry and cool place. The refrigerator works fine!

How often should I get a manicure? 
Every one to two weeks, as needed for your nails.

Does a French manicure last longer than a regular manicure?
Not necessarily, as the nail polish is used to create the French look. As with any polish you can prolong the life by applying a clear top coat every few days.

Why do cuticles crack? 
They need to be trimmed and cuticle oil applied.

What is a paraffin dip?
A hand and nail treatment during your manicure that involves exfoliating the skin, applying essential oils or lotion and dipping your hands several times into a  warm paraffin bath, forming an "occlusive" seal over your skin  to "push" the needed moisture into your skin. Warm hand mitts are left on for ten to fifteen minutes.

What is a pedicure?
Soaking in a Pedi bath, exfoliating the skin, removing calluses, trimming toe nails and cuticles, filing the nails, a relaxing massage, a deep heat treatment on the feet  and polish.

How often should I have my eyebrows done (or lip, chin, etc.)?
Every three weeks is average and will keep them in shape. Some of my clients can go a little longer, depending on how fast they fill in. Eye brow hair replaces itself in six weeks, so by that time  all of your brows have grown back in.

How much growth do I need before the service?
Your hair needs to at least have a slight "bend" to it, about 10 days of growth.      •       515 South Hwy 1, Washington, IA 52353      •       (319) 653-7000